Every life LIVED to the full



My book ‘When Goodluck Dies’ is a redemption story based in Tanzania

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For each life, there are challenges that are unique. I celebrate such differences through my blogs.


Autumn is such a great season, my favourite but in life the season can be characterised by change and loss. We need resilience to live it well.

The early years

Every life is uniquely different. It's an undeserved gift that we can make the most of - or not. The choice is ours,


Opposing sides

Do you ever sense that you’re up against it? I know I have.  Perhaps this is why I love to hear stories of people who

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I’ve been thinking about eternity.  It struck me that the teacher who wrote Ecclesiastes seemed to experiment his way through life- trying all it’s pleasures

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Mercy Is personified by anyone kind to others small or large, rich or poor, ‘vulnerable’ or not It’s undeserved by definition if ‘standards aren’t maintained’ When pain

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A Puppet on Strings

At a community Church, a worshipper worships.  An advancing brain tumour has gradually been taking his faculties away over time- but not his ability to

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