A Puppet on Strings

the weight of words

At a community Church, a worshipper worships. 

An advancing brain tumour has gradually been taking his faculties away over time- but not his ability to worship.

 One day he has a vision while everyone else is singing.

Although he is now gone, his clear vision of eternity gave him immense hope and strength right until the end.  

Vision of a Dying Man

The Lamb of God is raised upon a cross

suffering and bearing sin

A singer sings of His great love,

recklessly given

The words are weighed

upon the judge’s perfect scales


The measure of their true worth 

is gold and silver

Precious words are gathered in protective shells

and live on, bearing good fruit

But when a puppet on strings, sings, 

his words are unworthy,

lighter than air on the perfect scales


The sacrificial lamb on the cross judges all,  

for He knows truthtellers from Pinocchios

darkness from light

He bears all their blame and shame

He alone gives healing in His eternal home

And when he comes as a lion,

we can walk safely beside Him,

before whom all is laid bare

Scales by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Lion wallpaper

Vision of a Dying Man, Annie Forester