I’ve been thinking about eternity. 

It struck me that the teacher who wrote Ecclesiastes seemed to experiment his way through life- trying all it’s pleasures and experiencing losses and pains- was convinced through it all the God plants eternity in the heart, throughout life’s seasons.

He concluded that the lot of each of us was to live life and seek joy & contentment in the midst of it, ”enjoy the fruits of their labour for these are the gifts of God,” and know that “in due season God will judge everyone, both good & bad for all their deeds.”

There is an overlap with the teacher’s advice and many who practice mindfulness, seeking meaning in experiences- but there seems a difference in the motive. For the teacher, the experiences aren’t ends in themselves.




 is in the heart of every man, woman, child
That is our common ground
Faithfulness, kindness & love
though sought out are hard to find

Relationships aren’t just for kicks or whims but for keeps. 

And its not just about you but also others’ needs

A quandary is seen when contradictory emotions run amok through these

The narcissist seeks
to meet only their own needs
They call it love
But it’s really a counterfeit

For who sets these rules?
The give and take
The break and remake
The sowing and reaping?
And the grace to try again.

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