Vision after a Season of Trial

For a season, I’ve ridden sea monster vile

The serpent is ordered to halt

I’m flung ashore, battered and worn, clothing torn

But then, I’m shown to a valley

Its deeply green with a verdant sheen


Silent as the night, the eternal presence

Surrounded in light gestures round

       without a sound

The meadow stretches all aglow with presence 

     and studded, yellow

My senses tingle for it’s real

As far as the eye can see is a place of quiet

    just to be


Without words, I’m assigned to heal

I’m graced from above by hands of love

My bruises heal, delighted I feel

I grow and revel in life again

I’m not pushed

My heart drinks deeply from luxuriant springs

It receives, believes, and willingly yields

Replenished, I grow as lush as that field

It must be so for us below

For only the eternal spring 

    true refreshment brings

 To anyone who believes

   from his inner being will spring

    living streams